Employee’s health should be relevant to all employers. Healthy employees need less time off and perform their duties better. Those two things alone can boost a business. There are a lot of costly programs you could implement to help keep those in your office healthy. Before you go out and purchase gym memberships for everyone, try something simple but incredibly effective. Provide and encourage drinking more water!

Increase Oxygen

The more water that you drink, the more oxygen can be delivered throughout your body. Our brain needs a lot of oxygen to work at full capacity. Oxygen is carried to our brain and other areas of our body through our blood, which is 90 percent water. The more water that we drink, the easier it will be for this to occur. We want to be using as much brainpower as we can.

Prevents Dehydration

Drinking water will prevent dehydration. No one enjoys the feeling of being dehydrated. Other problems can occur when we do not get enough water. Water is what cushions the brain and spinal cord. When we lack water, it can affect the functions of these essential organs perform. If it is a frequent problem, it can lead to issues with thinking and reasoning. This is the last thing that we would want to have happened while on the job.

Water bottle

Kidney Health

When rushing to the office, water is not what we reach for. We are looking for something to give us some energy and get us moving. About mid-day, we are again searching for a drink to help us make it through until we get ready to head home. Once home, water still is the last beverage in our minds. Without enough water, kidney stones are a common occurrence. Not only are they extremely painful, but they will keep you from making it to work.

The Right Bottle

A great gift is an excellent water bottle that will make them look forward to drinking water. There are many options to choose from. Three characteristics make a good bottle; fitting into a car cup holder, a good handle, and being insulated. The Stanley Tumbler is a great choice that is gaining popularity. Using the straw, you can almost convince yourself you are drinking a soda. The Hydroflask has been around for a long time and has many styles to fit each person’s needs.


Giving your employees the facts or the right tools may not be enough. Another way to encourage drinking more water is to turn it into a game. As an office, make it a competition. Whether it is drinking water or completing tasks, it is always more fun when there is a prize. Create a pleasant environment that will improve the morale and health of those you work with.

Drinking water can change a lot about a person’s health. Change out a few drinks a day with water and see how your life improves.

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