Getting stressed and hungry at work is the combination that will lead you to run to for the candy. A little treat every once in a while is fine, but not when it happens more times than not. Have healthy snacks on hand to help guard yourself against this problem. Have options, whether you prepare a few with your lunch in the mornings or keep a stash at work.

Apples and Peanut Butter


Apples and peanut butter are not just for children. The sweetness of this snack will help stop those sugar cravings. You also get a protein kick from the peanut butter that is great for brain function. Neither ingredient goes bad that quickly. Store a jar of peanut butter in your desk and have some apples in a bowl. They can double as some fun decorations for your desk.

Sargento Snack Packs

Sargento has mastered the snack pack. Why go through the hassle of creating your own when you can buy them ready to go? There are many options to choose from. Crackers and cheese is the simplest choice. Others include all the flavors like cheese, nuts, chocolate, and raisins. They can be found at every grocery store. Try a few to figure out the best one for you, or keep it fresh with a different snack pack each time you reach for one.


Do you have access to a fridge in your place of work? If you do, you should add a couple of your favorite yogurts to it. Yogurts are great for our gut health and are also extremely tasty. They also give you another way to get in some fruit in a more flavorful way. You may want to add a couple extra if it is a shared fridge, or you may find them all gone. No one can turn down a delicious yogurt when the hunger hits.

Trail Mix

What is your favorite combination when buying trail mix? Whatever it is, buy it in bulk. It can keep for a while in your office or desk space. Get your salty and sweet fix all with the same snacks. One tip may be to portion it out instead of eating straight for the large bag. It can be a bit hard to stop snacking on it once to start. The little cup will let you know when snack time is over and when it’s time to get back to work.


Popcorn is not just for the movies. Every office has a microwave. Take advantage of it. Keep a box of your favorite popcorn in your desk and grab it instead of running for a candy bar. While some popcorn like the type you buy at the movies can be very unhealthy, good options are. Jolly Time makes a line of popcorns that are only one hundred calories. This is a good amount for a little work-time snack.

Get your healthy snack ready to go before your next day at the office.

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