Unless you are at the very top of your field, there is something to aspire to in your career. We all start at the bottom. How quickly and how far we move up is up to us. If you are not content with your current position, you have to work to change your situation actively. Promotions are not handed out. They are earned. Take a look at these simple things you can begin today!


Be positive! No one likes being around someone negative. The way you present yourself will say just as much about you as your work ethic does. You could be great at your job, but if you have a bad attitude, the promotion could go to someone else. This doesn’t mean you need to fake a bubbly personality. Just filter before you say things. Keep a positive tone about your workplace. You will find that it gets easier the more you do it.


It may seem like a taboo but ask. Ask if any positions or promotions will be available. Put your hat in the ring beforehand. When they come available, your employer will remember that you were looking. If you seem to content in your current place, they may overlook you. Thinking that you would not be interested.

Pick up the Slack

Look for ways to be useful. The saying actions speak louder than words, is valid in every business. Saying you can take on more and doing it and two very different things. See a need and fill it. Your supervisor will notice. When taking on more, you need to ensure that your current tasks are still being done well. This may backfire if you let your current responsibility slide. It will show that you are can’t handle more.

Team Player

As we move up in a company, it not only gives us more responsibility, but it can also put us in charge of other employees. Being a team player is something they are looking for in manager positions. A person that gets along well with others. No one is looking to put a tyrant in a supervisor position. Show that you are a good leader by working well with your coworkers. If things work out, you will want them to cooperate with you in the future.


Having connections with the right people can help move you up. Get to know those you work with and for. Those relationships could be helpful in the future. Go to all work functions. This is where you will have an opportunity to meet the higher-ups in your company. The more people that know who you are, the better your chances are. Being a hard worker is always essential. But having friends in the right places can only help you.

Start climbing that ladder today. Change your behaviors and start doing those things that will help you achieve your ideal position. You can only go up from where you are.

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