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You work so hard and want to get noticed.  Maybe you are searching after the next big title along your office journey, or maybe you just want a little extra spending cash.  You can get the promotion you want faster by trying a few of these tricks to make you stand out in the crowd.  Some of them are incredibly simple but make all the difference in the world.  Try a few of these and see if you climb the ladder a little faster than others. 

The Easiest Task

Show up on time for work.  Early is on time and on time is late.  If you think of it that way, you’ll always want to show up a few minutes early to get the day going.  People take notice who’s always showing up late and in a disheveled hurry.  If you give yourself a few more minutes wiggle room, you’ll never be in a hurry or look like anything fazes you.  If you seem calm, cool, and collected, people will see you are ready to take on more responsibility.  Bosses are not going to promote people who look like they are struggling at their current tasks, and being there when you are supposed to is an easy one. 

Image is Everything

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They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  You can do this within reason without looking like you are trying too hard.  Make sure you are always polished and look professional.  Dress like you think the company would want you to appear.  There are many different ways to express your personality while still appearing professional, it’s all about balance.  People take notice of those who look put together and ready to work.  This also goes for image with your actions.  Actions speak louder than words and if you are someone always locked to your phone screen, people see that.  Doing the bare minimum will not get you anywhere, especially a promotion.  The fastest way to get promoted is being amazing at your job and exceeding expectations.  While it’s easier to sit around and keep the status-quo, if you don’t want to be stuck where you are forever, be the change that sticks out in a good way.

Get Social

Be social with other employees, even those outside of your normal rounds.  If you make friends with people in other departments, you never know when they might think of you for a task or job.  Especially be social with the higher-ups and bosses.  Be engaged and ask questions about what they are working on.  They’ll notice your enthusiasm and think you are ready to take on more in the workplace.  Never be afraid to take initiative and ask how your performance is going – bosses respect people who are open to feedback. Getting promoted in the workplace is not always in your control but be sure you are doing everything in your control to put yourself at the head of the pack.  It will set you apart and you’ll be next in line or first on someone’s mind when it’s time for a change-up at the office. 

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