A resume is our pass to get in the door. Before we get a chance to wow them with our great personalities. We have to catch their attention with our resume. A poorly written resume will not get you very far.  Employers have to look through many resumes. Get some tips from the experts to make your resume stand out.

Keep It Brief

A simple resume is an easy resume to read. We have to think about those that are going to be looking through these. They maybe have looked at hundreds of resumes. Reading over and over again to see if they have the right qualifications. When they come across a wordy resume, they are just skimming. Keep it brief and straightforward. Only put what is needed. The rest you can tell them when you get the call for an interview.

Relevant Information

We tend to want to include everything we have ever done on our resumes. While this may be very impressive, it will not get you the job. Think about the position you are applying for. What are the educational and past experiences employers would be looking for? Those are things you want to be listed on your resumes. Make it easy for them to see that you are the right applicant for the job.


There are many ways to say the same thing. Using the right words can help you get noticed. Use the job descriptions to give you a jumping-off spot. The description will tell you what they are looking for. Use similar wording to describe your skills. Don’t make things up, but use the same terminology. Those reading this will be looking for those qualifications. Make it easy for them to see that you are the right choice.  


Make it look like a professional did it. Choose a font that is easy to read. Have all your paragraphs line up, and check that your margins are the same. Don’t go crazy, trying to make it unique. Your qualification will make you stand out. If you have a hard time, there are many services out there to help you format. Resume Now is one place to start. They have templates ready for you. All you have to do is pick the right one and add your information. All the models are recruiter approved, so you can’t go wrong. 

Proof Read

Go over your resume many times. The worst thing would be to send in a resume with a typo or wrong information. A huge red flag for employers is a resume with mistakes. It will appear as if you did not put in enough effort. Having a second and even third pair of eyes look it over would be beneficial. Others will see things that we don’t.

Getting your resume right will be a deciding factor in landing the job of your dreams. Follow the advice of the experts to get it right the first time.

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