Working from home seems like a dream come true. No need to dress to impress. There is no worrying about getting stuck in traffic. What could go wrong? Your work ethic could suffer. Going to an office removes us from all the things we need to do at home. When faced with household and work tasks at the time, it’s hard to tell which will win. Try these ideas to make the choice easier.


Make a schedule for yourself. Write it down and follow it like your boss is there. There should be enough time in the day to handle your personal and professional life. Have time in the morning to get your home life situated before your work hours begin. This will prevent you from focusing on the things you need to get done. During work hours, only focus on those tasks. End your workday with enough time to have some relaxing time in your home before bed. It’s all about finding a balance. 

Office Space

Your home office should not be located on your couch. Set up a designated spot in your home just for you to use for work. Staying focused on your employment will be hard to do with your TV, just begging to be turned on. An area with only the things you need to complete your job will help you stay on task. A desk would be ideal. It is harder to fall asleep if you are in a chair verse a comfy couch. A space created to promote getting your work done will only make your work ethic increase.

Ground Rules

It is easier to work from home if you live alone. Those that live with others need to have rules in place. Roommates and family need to know when you can be disturbed and when you cannot. Just because you are home a lot doesn’t mean you are available at all times. Friends need to know you are not the go-to babysitter or someone that can always grab lunch. Everyone needs to know your office hours and respect them. 


The flexibility is part of the perks of working from home. No matter where you work, it’s nice to get out. Those working from home need it even more since their whole life takes place at home. Take a walk in the park or go out to eat. Refreshing yourself by stepping away can help you to be more productive. Take your laptop to your favorite coffee shop and work from there to change up the scenery.

Turn Off

When work hours are over, stop checking email and calls from work. They can be handled during the next day’s office hours. Get a separate phone for business if you are having a hard time not returning messages. Having a clear separation will keep your life in balance.

Working from home can be the best experience. Find a balance that works for you and stick with it.

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