Working in the health field is not for everyone. Like all professions, some things make one better fitted for it than others. Those looking to join the health field should make sure that they have the right personality for the job. There can be a lot of education needed meaning a lot of time and money. Before taking all that on, evaluate your traits and see if they match with the ones required by health care professionals.

Emotion Control

As a health care worker, you will be seeing and helping people during what could be the worst days of their life. There can be a lot of stress that comes along with that. It would be best if you blocked out your own personal stress and emotions to ensure that the patient gets the best care. During your work hours, all your emotional baggage needs to be left at home. Unfortunately, not all people can separate their lives in this way.



If you do not communicate well, working in the health care world may not be for you. Those in these fields not only need to express themselves well, but they need to be able to listen. Hearing all the patient has to say may differ between figuring out a case or remaining lost. Communication goes both ways, and health workers need to be good at both speaking and listening.


In many health care professions, the job does not always start at nine and end at five. There is always the possibility of working night shifts as well, and longer than eight hours a day. People need help at all hours of the day, and those in the health field are the ones that are there to help. Be ready to be on call or willing to work shifts at untraditional times. If you want a job, you can clock in and out of health care may not be for you.

Physically Fit

During your shift, you will not be spending many of them behind a desk. Standing and moving around for long periods without a break is something that you will be expected to do. Breaks will not be able to be set in stone. Depending on your caseload, each day, things could arise that you will have to workaround. While you do not need to be in perfect condition, the healthier you are, the easier it will be.

Interpersonal Skills


Communicating well does not only need to happen with the patients but many different people. Doctors, nurses, police, paramedics, other staff, families, insurance agents are just a few health workers interact with. That is a lot of possible personalities you will need to be able to deal with. Having good interpersonal skills means that you find it easy to work with all kinds of people and differences.

Health workers are always in demand and have excellent job security, ensuring you have the traits to succeed in one of the many great healthcare professions.

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