Starting a new job can be hard. Finding out how you fit into a new office can be difficult. There are new responsibilities and personalities to navigate. There are many things you want to avoid doing to make the transition easier. On the other side, there are things you will want to do. Here are some of the do and don’ts when jumping into a new workplace.  

Do Ask Questions

When starting in a new office or even just a new position, ask questions. It’s okay not to know everything on your first day. Ask questions so that you do not make mistakes. The social aspect of working with new people is the same way. Find out what your new coworkers prefer. It’s a lot easier to ask than to offend. It will start you off in a better place. And show that you want to fit in and get along with everyone.

Don’t Be Pushy

It’s good to eager about a new position, but don’t forget to listen. You may have amazing ideas that would benefit and want to share. Listen first. Everyone there before you has relationships with each other already. They also have a way of doing things. It’s great to contribute. Just ensure that you are not coming off over the top or trying to take over. It will turn people off. Learn how they work and see how you can add to it.

Do Learn the Policies

There are written policies, and then there are the rules that each supervisor has. Find out both. The written are easy. All you have to do is read. The preferences of each supervisor can be harder. Do they allow cell phones to be visible? Are you allowed to listen to music? Is it okay to have visitors? These are rules you don’t want to learn the hard way. Observe how things are done before settling in and doing things the way you usually would. Talk to coworkers and find out if anything irritates the higher-ups.

Don’t Stress

Stressing out about things you cannot change will do you no good. There are many unknowns when walking into a new job. Those things are not under your control. Stressing will only make it harder. Go in with only good thoughts. All those around you have been new and will appreciate a positive attitude. In a few weeks, you won’t understand why you were nervous.

Do Set Boundaries  

It goes without saying that you should be friendly. That doesn’t mean you should let your new coworkers take advantage of you. The boundaries that you set up, in the beginning, will remain. It’s hard to establish them after the fact. Don’t take on tasks that you shouldn’t in an effort to be liked. You will find yourself stuck with coffee duty until the next new person shows up.

Enjoy your new adventure by following the advice of those that were there before you.

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