We can’t always help who we are attracted to. Spending the majority of our day at work also limits the dating pool. Unless you take the time to go out and meet others on your time off. Chances are you may end up with a crush who works close by. That can cause trouble if not handled correctly. Consider a few things before acting on your feelings. 


There is a risk when acting on any impulse. When dating someone from your office, you will have to see them every day. That could be a problem if it does not go well. Most people that go on an awkward date never have to see them again. You will have to. Get to know the person on a friend level before trying to take things to the next level. Be prepared that you will be the talk of the office. Everyone will want to know how it went. It’s in our nature to be curious about others loves lives.


Each business will have its policies. Read them. You will want to stay within the guidelines if you like your career. Most will have rules against dating your boss or those that you are in charge of. The HR department may have things that need to be done. Those steps do not need to be discussed on a first date, but it will be useful to know. In case it goes well, you will be prepared.


When a new romance begins, it can be so exciting. Every minute you are apart, feel like years. Working together means that you get to spend more time together than the average couple. Boundaries will need to be set up to keep your employer and coworkers happy. If you are always visiting each other desks, you may not like your next performance report. Public displays of affection should never happen in the office. Save that for date night.

No Hiding

There is nothing to hide if you are following all the rules. The amount of time we spend with our coworkers means they know us pretty well. If you start to hide things, they will begin to notice that there is something off. Hiding things is the leading way to lose the trust of those you work with. There is also a difference between hiding and not talking about your personal life. Details do not need to be shared, but lying should not be tolerated.

Business First

Your relationship should not change the way that you do your job. When you are in the office, your work needs to comes first. No favoritism should occur. If it’s not something you would do for everyone you work with, you should not do it for the person you are dating. It will not go unnoticed and will affect the whole vibe of the office. At work, you are colleagues and nothing more.

Dating is a part of life and should not be avoided just because you work together. 

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