Coding is being taught to children in elementary schools. Before long, it is going to be common knowledge we are expected to know. Learning to code may seem like a huge undertaking, but there are many courses at every level. Coding is becoming an in-demand job. As you get better, it could grow into a side job. Over time, possibly into a full-time position. Many benefits come along with coding for a living.

Pay Scale

Finding a career with a growing salary is not always easy to find. Dice did a Tech Salary Survey that has shown a steady increase. As the trend continues, it gives us more reason to get a little education to take advantage of this growing sector. You may not start at the top pay scale, but it gives you something to look forward to as you advance in the field. There is a lot of areas to grow in this expanding field. 

Remote Work

When all you need to complete your job is a computer and the internet, you can work anywhere. Most employers will not care where you choose to complete your tasks as long as they get done. This also gives you the option to work for multiple people. Freelance coding work is standard and gives you a lot of flexibility. Those wanting to travel and not be tied down to one spot would love this opportunity.


Side- Job

It’s hard to let go of nine to five jobs on a whim. Once you have the education needed to take on coding tasks, you don’t have to quit. Start coding on the side. It can be a gig to earn extra cash on your off time. Fiverr is a site that connects coders with jobs that need to be done. Do as many or as few as your schedule allows. As you get better, you may find the right connections to take the plunge and code full time. 


Being able to create for a living is very satisfying. Seeing the websites and applications come to life after your hard work does not occur in many other jobs. Each job gives a sense of accomplishment. Coding skills can take you one step closer to being self-reliant. Having a post that you can be employed by many gives you the best chance of always being employed. That gives you a career with a bit more security than some.

Free Time

Without being tied to an office, there is a lot more free time to enjoy with family and friends. Any career that pays well and gives you the flexibility to choose when you work is worth pursuing. In a world that is so busy, taking the time to enjoy life is valuable. What a luxury it would be to pay the bills and have time to do what you enjoy. Take advantage of it when you can. 

Coding is a growing industry, get in now, and reap the benefits.

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