Negativity can bring down a whole room. Once it seeps into an office, it is hard to eliminate. The vibe of a workplace can either improve or hurt productivity. It can also affect those personally that work within the office. A lousy outlook can damage your mental state, making it hard to make correct choices. Those choices could begin to alter your physical state. The best thing we can do for ourselves and those we work with is to stop any negativity in the office.

Diagnose It

When negative thoughts and attitudes have already invaded the office, you have the difficult task of diagnosing it. Your job is to find the root of what began the negative talk. Even if it seemed like a small issue, you need to address it. One bad instance will grow and grow until the whole office is ready to explode. Finding a solution before getting to that point will change the mood and bring the positive vibes you need to be productive.

Allow Control

One of the top complaints of employees is the lack of control that they have over their position. No one enjoys having everything that they do decided for them. When possible, loosen up and let them have more influence over their situation. This can be good for the employer as well. Hiring someone to do a job should free you up. Only step in when you see that something is not being done correctly. Making more decisions for themselves will leave employees with less to have negative thoughts about.

Smily Mug

Be Inclusive

Gossip at the water cooler should be a thing of the past. Unless your work involves sensitive material, inform everyone together. Having information trickle down can leave people feeling left out. Over time you will see the mood change. Send out mass emails or gather everyone. Keep the positivity going by being as inclusive as possible. No wants to be the afterthought.

Fewer Rules

Everyone has read rules and wondered why a few are there. A mistake that many make is creating standards for all when a few need them. The more rules, the better chance you have of negativity. Instead of creating more rules, treat adults like adults. They will usually surprise you at how mature they can be. Only create rules when absolutely necessary. 

Consistent Treatment

An abundant source of discontent in the office is the feeling of some being given special treatment. To avoid this, create a system that promotes accountability. Have a reward system for those that hit goals and stay consistent with it. Not only will it eliminate any sign of unfair treatment, but celebrations always lift the mood of an office. Get your employee’s opinions when creating your system for the best success. 

Keep your workplace from sinking into the negativity zone by actively working on adding positivity. Your mental and physical state will improve as you improve the vibe around you.

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