There are steps we have to take to make it to our dream job. And one of those steps is taking a role that is not our ideal. Working through these jobs will make getting our dream job that much sweeter. While we are on our way, there are few things to know about your current situation and ways it can benefit you. 

New Interests

Jumping into the world of careers, we all have an idea of what the perfect fit is for us. Along the way, we will have to take jobs that won’t be ticking all our boxes. Miriam Salpeter, the founder of Keppie Careers, said, “The best career or job is the one in which you’re using the skills you enjoy. But, not every job needs to address all of your passions. Use every job as an opportunity to learn something new and keep an open mind; you may find that you really enjoy something you never imagined would appeal to you.”

Extra Skills

Every position requires a set of skills. The more skills that you have, the more marketable you become. Only working in a specific field will not help you grow. Being introverted may make you perfect for some positions, but not those that involve speaking to the public. Working a job that pushes you out of your comfort zone can only make you better. Fill up your resume with every skill you can.

Co Workers

Rest Your Brain

We all need a break. At the end of a long day of working, we need to come home and decompress. Think about working in a career that is the opposite of what you are studying to become. Doing this could end up being just what you need to balance your life. Using the other side of your brain and giving you the chance to reset. The job that you weren’t excited about could be what you needed to excel in life.


Is your dream job further away than you want it to be? Find a way to do what you love, even if you aren’t getting paid just yet. Having a passion for writing doesn’t have to wait. Write on your own time. Exercise your desires by making them into your favorite hobbies. Having time to do what you enjoy will make working your day job less of a challenge. Eventually, all the practice will help you with your dream job.


“Plenty of brilliant people started out in jobs they hated, or took paths that weren’t right at the beginning of their careers. Professional development is no longer linear. Trust that with hard work and a dedication to figuring out what you want to do with your life, you, too, will be OK!” reported Kathryn Minshew, the CEO of The Muse. Breathe in a sigh of relief and enjoy your life on your way to the top.

Take advantage of every position you fill. Your dream job will be here before you know it.

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