There are two groups, and every person fits into one of them. Being in one is not better than the other. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. The world needs people from both groups to succeed. Finding out where you fit will make your search for a job more manageable. Knowing where you excel depends on understanding if you are an introvert or extrovert. Introverts have some strengths that you need in the workplace.

Introverts are Shy

Shy and being introverted are often thought to be the same thing. This is not always the case. Those that are introverted are not always shy. Introverts tend to enjoy spending time alone. Even to the point that spending quality time with themselves is how they recharge. While extroverts need social interaction to keep their energy right, spending time out with large groups will be exhausting to introverts.

Introverts are Observant

Those that are always in the middle of a group will not notice the same as those that do not. Introverts are more observant. If you want to know what is happening in an office, ask the introverts. In other work scenarios, they may sit back and see how everyone feels. Introverts have the advantage of understanding more before sharing their thoughts. Observing first is more beneficial than jumping in a being the first speaker. 


Introverts are Creative

Spending time without having as many distractions leads to creativity. Being able to hear your thoughts is needed to create original material. Artists, writers, musicians all need their space to get their imagination going. We need introverts like Dr. Seuss to keep us all entertained. Writers, like many other artistic jobs, need to love being in solitude. There is no other way to get all the fantastic books we love to read.

Introverts are Compassionate

Introverts can be more compassionate than their extrovert counterparts. Being an introvert leads to being a better listener. Coworkers and friends will feel more comfortable speaking to someone with those traits. It is easy to talk to someone that isn’t in the middle of the drama and thinks before they speak. Introverts will be able to get the whole story, and because of that can be more compassionate. Fewer assumptions are needed when people feel comfortable talking to you.

Introverts are independent

Being independent is a trait that every employer is looking for. An independent worker is someone that can be relied on to get their tasks done. Introverts can stay focused on the tasks at hand. Introverts do not crave the social aspect of an office as much as extroverts do. Working independently of others is a great strength that every workplace needs.

Introverts always get lumped in with being shy and secluded, but they shine in so many ways. Our society needs the many attributes that they bring. Great listeners and compassionate people are essential in every environment. Without the creativity that introverts bring, the world would be a very dull place. Embrace being an introvert! 

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