Don’t you wish we could be as excited as we were on the first day of school, every time we go to work? The excitement wears off the longer we work at one place. Even if you love what you do, there are going to be times that you would rather be somewhere else. Changing the way that you view work will not happen overnight. You are going to have to put in a lot of effort. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Keep your work life in perspective. There are only so many hours in a day. You can’t accomplish everything. At times, you may have more on your work to-do list than you will be capable of pulling off. That is alright! Instead of feeling depressed over the tasks that you didn’t make it too, think of everything that you did. After eight hours of work, you have to have moved more tasks to the accomplished pile. To help you visualize, write a physical list to see everything that you accomplished. It will give you more personal satisfaction in your workday.


We cannot carry the whole workload alone. There is a reason we have coworkers. Don’t get stuck in the thinking that you must do every task. It is better for business if you are realistic about your capabilities. Delegating is a great way to make sure all the most important tasks get done. It is not a mark of a failure to delegate. It shows those above you what a great boss you will be. In lessening your to-do list, you could also show off your skills and open up a chance for promotions.

Just breathe

Take Breaks

Breaks are built into our nine to five day. All employers know that we need a break to recharge in order to keep going. We should develop breaks into our lives as well. Looking forward to a trip or time off to do what we enjoy is needed. When you have something on the calendar to work toward, time will fly. Rewards, in any magnitude, can lift your spirits at work. We need time in our schedules for things we love to do. Without them, there is no doubt you will never be able to stay positive in your career. 


It is easy to say, think positive. It is harder to do it. Make a habit of asking yourself; will this keep me positive. When your coworkers begin gossiping or complaining, walk the other way. If you surround yourself with bad attitudes, they will bring you down. Only engage when the mood is uplifting. If you find yourself in a situation that is bringing you down, get out. Staying mentally in a good spot is more important. The more you practice changing your negative thoughts and interactions with positive ones, the more you will enjoy working.  

Put the work in and love your time on and off the clock.

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