Gossip can hurt an entire company. Hearing gossip brings down morale. People begin to speculate and worry more about what may be said about them. Trust goes out the window when people are talking behind each other’s back. These are all things that you need to have a pleasant work environment. Stop gossip before it gets out of hand and ruins your workplaces. Here are some tips anyone can do.

Be an Example

Lead by setting a good example. The best way to do this is to not gossip. When chatting turns negative, bring it back around. Say something positive instead. If those around you continue to try and talk badly, leave. Get up and walk away. Others will see the example you are setting and follow. Be the one to set the tone. Everyone knows gossip is hurtful. Some need a little push to behave corrrectly.


Many workplaces have policies in place to protect their employees from gossip. Information should never be shared without permission. If it does happen, then those people need to be held accountable. When it comes to gossip, it is okay to tell the boss. Your employer will respect you for being above the drama and trying to put a stop to it. Once everyone realizes that policies will be enforced, the gossiping will end.

Talk to the Source

Hearing that you are being talked about can be exceedingly hurtful. Instead of retaliating by doing the same thing, address the issue. Talk to the person that is talking about you. This must be done calmly. It would go even better to have a supervisor or mediator there to ensure everyone is understood. Calling someone out will hopefully remind them that gossiping is not something that should be done.

Stay Private

Work and home life are separate. Keep them that way. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be friendly. Many develop real friendships in their place of work. Those friendships can still exist when you are not on the clock. During office hours, keep is professional. Office hours are for working. Discussing personal things about your life if not crucial to doing your job. There is nothing to gossip about if you do not give them something to talk about.

Ignore It

Gossipers that are doing it trying to be malicious are looking for a reaction. They will be waiting for you to retaliate or make a scene. Don’t do it. Even if it hurts, act like it does not. When they don’t get there way, it will stop. This is the advice we give to children and it works! In most cases, if you ignore it and not make it into a big deal, it will go away.

Improve your workplace by putting a stop to gossipers. Encourage talking positively about your co-workers and even your boss. It will make a huge difference.  The mood will improve with every step you take to eliminate the negativity.