We have all been told to get our beauty sleep. Sleep can do so much more for our professional lives than makes us look good. Having enough rest can make a difference in your performance. Getting the suggested amount of sleep can get pushed aside as our to-do list grows. Making sleep a priority can help with that. 

Fewer Mistakes

With less sleep, more mistakes will be made. Things begin to slip through the cracks when your mind can’t be completely focused. Staywell did a study with simple tasks. They had two groups do them and had the same number of mistakes. They sent one group home to sleep and had the other stay there and stay awake. In the morning, they performed the tasks again. The sleep-deprived group made twice as many mistakes. 


It’s easy to get distracted on a typical day at work. We start talking to a coworker or check our phones for just a second, and an hour goes by. When we lose sleep, our mind doesn’t want to focus. Chatting or scrolling is so much easier. Getting distracted from our tasks will happen more when we don’t get a full night’s sleep.


Sleep can even affect our memory. Most jobs require us to remember materials. The Sleep Foundation has studied how our brains best retain. They say that rest tells the brain to solidify memories. If we want to help, we need to sleep so we can remember. With their research showing to improve retention, you should sleep after learning. We may need to ask our employers about cat naps. Get the full eight hours so that you can have a sharp mind at work.

Immune System

To do well at work, you need to be at work. Sleep can affect our health. Getting sick means you will not be able to go to work. Being a reliable worker means a lot to employers. We want to be the employee that is always available. And ready to perform to the best of our abilities. WebMD explains that a lack of sleep can make our T-cells go down. Making us more susceptible to getting a cold or the flu. No one needs more sickness. Get your rest, and stay healthy.


Get a routine. It’s hard to make our minds shut off so that we can fall asleep when we want to. We need to train ourselves so that we can maximize the time we allot for sleep. Sunlight and exercise are shown to help promote better sleep. Doing this sometime during your day and not right before you want to sleep is best. Strenuous exercise right before bed can give you more energy, not less. Trying products like sleepy time tea is another option for those struggling. Find what helps you sleep and then make is a part of your routine to ensure your eight hours. 

Give your best effort every day by preparing with good night sleep.

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