Throughout our twelve plus years of school, we have a backpack. There are different levels, but they are all essentially a backpack. Our first professional job deserves something fresh. A bag that shows we have graduated in life. Depending on your career, different bags will fit your needs. There are different price points to look at when choosing the right thing for your needs. Check out these options.

SOLO Black Ops

Looking for something masculine? The SOLO Black Ops made by Dell is for you. It’s a briefcase mixed with an army bag. Made to protect your laptop, and carry the extra things you need for the office. There are many ways to hold it. Coming with backpack straps for those that miss their old backpack. It can also be carried as a messenger bag across your shoulder. The perfect bag that can be made to fit the many commuting situations. 


The Structures Top Handle Work Tote is a beautiful bag on a budget. Priced at forty-five dollars, but looking like a more expensive designer bag. Large enough to carry a laptop with separate pockets to organize your belongings. It has a cute metal clasp on the front to keep everything secure. Easy to carry by the handle or across your shoulder with the extra strap. With raving reviews, this bag is one you must check out.


Do you have a little extra to spend or want to splurge on a gift for yourself? Coach is where you should look. There are different color options and styles to choose from. One to look for is the Lora Carryall. It can be made of beautiful leather or suede.  It is bound to catch the eye. Inside has separate phone and laptop pockets. The center of the bag zips closed but leaves you access to side pockets for easy access. This bag starts at just under four hundred dollars. With the options, you will find the perfect combination to meet all your needs.

Lunch Box

No one wants to walk into work carrying a paper bag lunch. There are some great adult options out there. The Canvas Lunch Bag is an improved version of the paper bag. With an insulated lining and a leather handle strap to carry it by. Looking for something pretty? Try the Luncher from Modern Picnic. It looks like a cute handbag on the outside, but the inside is insulated to protect your food. It has a handle or a removable shoulder strap to choose from. The Black+Blum Stainless Steel Lunch Box will fit into your bag easily. Essentially a little steel box that will keep your food safe. A strap around to ensure the lid stays on and can hold your silverware. 

Feel like a real adult by upgrading your whole look with a new bag. Whether you need something small or you need to carry a lot, ditch the backpack. Start this new part of your life of fresh.

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