Everywhere you look, you see gray. The walls start to feel like they are all closing in on you. In a cubicle or office staring at blank walls all day will make you go crazy. We spend a lot of our day at work, and it should be a place we at least enjoy a little. If not, we risk starting to feel depressed about our surroundings. Try some of these simple tips to improve your mood at work.


We decorate our home in a way that we enjoy seeing. Do the same at work. Our employer may have some rules when it comes to decorating. Stay within their guidelines, but make it your own. Cover those gray walls with things you love. Pictures of your family and friends. Put up pictures of your dream vacation to give yourself something to look forward to. Anything that makes you smile should be visible to brighten your day when you need it.


Bring the landscape inside. Plants can brighten any office. Get plants all over the office, especially around yourself. They are not only beautiful but are proven to improve work performance. Plantscapers Inc. reveals that plants can help lower stress and strengthen our immune system. Those are huge benefits in addition to creating a positive mood. Such a little thing, like buying a few plants can improve many areas of your work life.

Move Around

Get up and stretch your legs. Even if it’s just walking around the office, get out of your space. Refresh yourself, and you will be more productive. Try a Balance Ball Chair. They keep you moving while still in a position to work at a desk. They can help improve your posture while you are working. Another way to keep moving while working at a desk is by using an Adjustable Desk Riser. Sit when you want to and stand when you want to. Being able to move around will improve your mood, making work less depressing.

Healthy Food

Eating out every day will not only hurt your wallet but your mood as well. Eating healthier food not only keeps us physically fit, but it can help us stay emotionally fit. Bring lunches and snacks with you so that you are not tempted to raid the vending machine. Search out restaurants close by so that you know what healthy options you have. Fast food may be a quick fix, but it will hurt in the long run if it becomes a habit.


Silence can be hard to handle for too long. Having your own office makes it easy to have a little background music to keep your spirits up. Those sharing space may need to get all their coworkers on board. Ask your employer before using headphones. Just like music can push us through a hard work out, it will help you keep motivated on a tough day of work.

Improve your surroundings and never have another depressing day at work.

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