Be Prepared for Your Next Job Interview

Getting called for an interview is the easy part. Now you have to impress them into hiring you. You need to be prepared. Walking into an interview with little or no preparation will show. They want to see that you are not only qualified but that you want the position. A lot can be said in just your actions. Make yourself stand out to your future employer!

Dress to Impress

A first impression begins as soon as you open the door. We are told not to judge by appearance, but it will start there. If it is between a candidate with a sloppy appearance and one that is proper, we all know who they will choose. Stitch Fix has you covered. Answer a questionnaire on the job that you are looking to get. They will take that information and build the perfect outfit to get you noticed. Take care of your appearance. And don’t wait till the day, plan your outfit ahead of time. 


Learn all you can about the company. It’s not enough to know about the position that you want to get. Understanding how the company works and what its values are can help you during the interview. It will help you focus your answers on the things they will find valuable. Show your interviewer what you know about them. They will appreciate the initiative. Have some questions ready for them to show that you did your research.

Common Questions

Look up common interview questions and prepare your answer. Come up with what you want to say are your strengths and weaknesses are. We all know this is a favorite of interviewers in every profession. Have an idea of what you want to say so that you aren’t caught off guard. If there are any aspects of the job, you know they will ask you about, study. Know the answers to all the questions that are most likely to be asked.


Find someone to role play with you. Practice introducing yourself. There is no cure for being nervous. Practicing a few times can help you to stay calm during the real thing. Ask someone already in the profession to help you. They know what the interviewer will ask, and what would be essential to say. Coaching you to improve your answers so that you have the best chance of being hired.


Remain positive at all times. Even if something doesn’t go perfectly, stay positive. Show them that even when things aren’t perfect, you can still handle it. If you don’t know the answer to a question. Tell them that and that you are looking forward to learning. Don’t let yourself go into negative headspace during your interview. A positive attitude is contagious, and will only benefit you.

Preparation is critical in every area of our lives. Go into every interview with the right tools. Get out and start excelling. Let the next job interview be your last!

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